Bulletins and Articles About Aesthetic Procedures

PLATELET RICH PLASMA   There are new methods to use the patient’s natural healing factors to improve surgery outcomes.  Our licensed staff extracts Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) from your blood using protocols developed by Bioheart Inc., a world-renowned regenerative medical organization. This reduces downtime, improves outcomes and enhances healing.  PRP is used for surgical procedures, facial regenerative skin resurfacing  (laser, peels, etc.), correction of scars, and other skin problems. Placement into any fresh wound, (i.e. a laceration) commonly improves healing and final result.

FAT GRAFTING   Small particles of fat are removed from your body. The fat is concentrated, mixed with platelet-rich plasma and distributed evenly into fat deficient areas.  No general anesthesia is required.  Common treatment areas include; cheeks, lips, chin, brow enhancement, forehead lines, deep frown scowl lines, nasal irregularities, breast reconstruction, buttock enhancement, hand rejuvenation, irregularities from previous liposuction and any other area where there is a deficit due to loss of fat volume.


General anesthesia is not needed. We utilize improved techniques of surgery and sedation.  Facelifts, neck lifts, brow suspension, eyelid plasty and other facial rejuvenative procedures are performed in a special treatment chair in our AAAHC certified facility. Platelet Rich Plasma  complements these procedures to enhance healing, reduce recovery and provide improved outcomes.


Forehead smoothing and brow suspension can be performed under local anesthesia and light sedation if needed. I create several small fingers of tissue just inside the hairline. This gives a smooth, natural improvement to the forehead and brows. Recovery is rapid with minimal scarring. Since the fingers  are created inside the  hairline, they are commonly not visible and minimal to no loss of sensation or hair loss occurs.