Financing and fees

The Economics of Cosmetic Surgery / Fees

We  price our procedures in such a way that our patients can receive excellent quality for the best price. Quality means an accredited surgical facility, qualified and experienced nursing staff, ongoing quality assurance, adequate liability insurance coverage, attention to expense control and a continuing emphasis on health and safety above all.

I have observed that many patients when faced with budget limitations are uncomfortable asking for a discount or reduction in quoted fees when they can have the procedure done for less money in another facility, even though they would rather have the procedure performed by me. I hope the information in this section will make you more comfortable discussing these issues with me.

Harry Galoob, M.D.

Our Policy for Fees

  • Fees for procedures are constantly evaluated to assure fairness and attainability while continuing to provide safe, quality health care.
  • Discounts are available for groups of patients who wish to take advantage of group scheduling.
  • We will try to match or beat other surgeon's fees.

To qualify for this, you are requested to provide a verifiable quote from another surgeon and/or facility for the same or similar procedure. I will do everything I can to make your procedure more affordable for you.

I will be happy to discuss requests for discounts on the basis of the above or any other reason that my patients believe is appropriate. I can't promise to be able to meet your financial need because some of our expenses such as salaries, supplies and insurance are non-negotiable to me.  Please talk to me about cost if it is a concern for you.

Fees for Common Procedures

Note - Certain procedures are no longer performed by Dr. Galoob. When indicated, patients are referred to Clear Skin Solutions at 808 16th Ave.  NW, Ardmore Oklahoma. 

Clear Skin Solutions  is a medical spa and oversight is provided by Dr. Galoob as supervising physician. Facility coordinator Andreaya (Nyki) Dobson is a licensed aesthetician working under Dr. Galoob's supervision. (580) 798-3950

Fees may range from those listed below up to $15,000 depending on extent of problem and need for resources. Fees include all care, anesthesia, facility, supplies, Dr. fee etc. Dr Galoob will give you an exact quote at time of exam. If you have a budget, please discuss it with Dr. Galoob at time of exam. 

  • Platelet Rich Plasma - $500 per preparation
  • Scar Injection With PRP - $600-$1000 per treatment
  • PRP Injection for Hair Growth Stimulation - $500-$800 per treatment
  • PRP Injection for Painful Joints and Arthritis - $500-$800 per treatment.
  • CO2 Laser Treatments - $3500-$5000
  • Facelift/Neck Lift -$6500-$10,000
  • Forehead and Brow Lift - $2500-$3500
  • Eyelid Lift - $2500-$4500
  • Nose Job - $3500-$5500 (does not include facility or anesthesia)
  • Ear Setback - $4500-$6500
  • Lip Lift - $2500-$3500
  • Chin Implant - $2500-$3500
  • Breast Enlargement Saline Implant - $5500.00
  • Breast Enlargement Gel Implant - $6500.00
  • Implant replacement and scar tissue removal - $8000-$10000 (plus implants)
  • Breast Lifting - $7500-$9500
  • Breast Reduction - $10,750 (includes facility and anesthesia)
  • Liposuction Outside Chest/Breast (with breast procedure) - $1000
  • Tummy Tuck - $10,000-$15,000 (includes facility and anesthesia)
  • Posterior body lift- $5000-$10,000
  • Arm Lift and Thigh Lifting - $8500-$11,000
  • Fat Transplants - $1500-$3500
  • Liposuction (depends on the number of areas treated) - $5900-$8900